Local e-Government

At the e-Governance Academy, we understand the vital role of regional governments in the development of e-administration and e-democracy.

Local and regional governments are the closest governmental units to citizens in every country. They also provide the majority of public services. With this, local and regional governments can play an active role in the development of e-administration and e-democracy.

In the Local e-Government domain our experts collect, analyse and share the best local-level e-governance experience from around the world. From this, we offer training and consultancy for local and regional policy-makers, officials, NGOs and citizens’ groups. Our training courses introduce a range of key practices and are accompanied by study visits to relevant local governments.

This domain emphasises e-involvement and e-participation, use of technology to enhance citizens’ access to information and their participation in decision-making processes through modern communication technologies and social media.

Focus areas of training and consultancy

  • The role of ICT in the municipality: Estonian and international experience, trends on the e-government scorecard;
  • Principles of launching, managing and auditing local government ICT projects;
  • Practical implementation of e-government at the municipal and regional level;
  • Development of local web services, e-services, mobile applications;
  • Development of electronic document management systems, geographical information systems, call and contact centre solutions;
  • Forming the ICT budget and organisation in the municipality;
  • e-Involvement of citizens in local decision-making processes: Estonian and international best practice, trends and methods.

Further topics are possible based on the needs of the target group.


Head of Domain