Cloud for Europe

logo_Cloud-for-EuropeThe Cloud for Europe project addresses the objectives of the European Cloud Partnership and offers partners the opportunity to determine how to adopt a well-defined European cloud computing strategy for the public sector.

The project will build trust in European cloud computing by applying pre-commercial procurement (PCP) as an instrument for industry innovation and simultaneously enhance cloud adoption in the public sector.

Cloud for Europe will give a clear view on the public sector requirements and usage scenarios for cloud computing. Supported by stakeholders from all sectors, the main objectives of Cloud for Europe are to remove the obstacles for cloud adoption and to jointly identify the requirements from different public organisations beyond national borders.

Pre-commercial procurement for services will follow the scoping of those requirements that are identified as missing, or need to be adopted for gov-ernment use. Cloud for Europe will also establish suitable contractual terms and conditions for future cloud procurements. The results of the work and lessons learnt will be published for re-use of the PCP instrument.

In this project, e-Governance Academy coordinates all communication activites and leads the tasks on stakeholder involvement and training.