Cyber Security Capacity in Moldova

The main objective of the project “National Cyber Security Capacity Building in Moldova” is to develop a national cyber security action plan according to the national cyber security strategy. Also, the aim of the project is to develop an overall cyber security roadmap for the ministry.

This project ensures the continuation of a systematic and comprehensive cyber security development in Moldova according to democratic values. It helps to transfer cyber security knowledge and build modern cyber security culture in the society. The long-term goal is a national capability to manage effectively cyber incidents and a capacity to cooperate internally and internationally in this field.

In the short term Moldova will get strategic knowledge and documents for cyber security development. Key personnel will understand the scope of the cyber security field and a need for a systematic and comprehensive approach to cyber security management. In addition, the project will develop intra-agency, inter-agency and public-private cooperation.

Project activities include:

1. Knowledge transfer (meetings, seminars, workshops)
2. Cyber security programme for Moldova (national cyber security implementation plan)
3. Cyber security roadmap for 1 ministry
4. National cyber security standard
5. Improved professional network
6. Improved cyber security awareness




Central e-Government, Cyber Security


09/ 2014 - 02/2017


123 000 €

Project Manager

Raul Rikk


Moldova e-Government Centre