Open Governance in amalgamation process of Estonian local governments

Logo_EU_Social_Fund_horizontal_VThe aim of the projects is to increase the awareness and capability of amalgamating municipalities to implement open governance principles during and after the current local administration reform in Estonia. To attain this goal, Open Government Partnership methodology will be implemented in 2-3 selected test-areas where municipalities are in the amalgamation process and there is readiness to preapre concrete action plans of open governance for post-reform period.

The project EU50881  “Open Governance in amalgamation process of Estonian local governments” is funded by European Union Social Fund in the framework of activities “Local and regional development capacity” with 18 893,37 euros.

There project includes following activities:

1. Selection of test-areas.
2. Analyse of the current situation of open governance in test-areas.
3. Compilation of the recommendations how to increase the transpaency and opennes of their governnace including using e-solutions
4. Discussion and furthen elaboration of those recommendations in local worskhops within communities.
5. Submission of the set of guidelines (action plans) for local open governance based on previous mentioned activities in October 2017.
6. The Guidelines will be shared with all local municipalities to disseminate the awareness and practices for more open governance culture.