Christopher Fabian, UNICEF Innovation Co-Lead

Estonia has realized the possibilities of having a connected and integrated system that is efficient and effective. Being able to collect, analyze and act on real-time data is key for making informed decisions. Estonia’s citizens are some of the best-connected in the world, which gives them access to information that can help improve their lives. During my visit I was most impressed by their public/private partnerships – at UNICEF, we are always exploring new ways of working with the private sector to use data to help children.

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Irakli Gvenetadze, Chairman Data Exchange Agency of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia

e-Governance is the future and the future is today!  For the people who are actually involved in the process of e-governance development, it is extremely important to have the ability to share experience and best practices with each other.  In this regard we are strongly tied with e-Governance Academy of Estonia and we enjoy this practice.  Their comprehensive expertise in e-Governance issues helps us to find new ways to make e-Governance an usual tool for everyday life.

Nederland, Amsterdam, 11-04-2013. 
Foto Wiebe Kiestra
Ondertekening van het Partnership Zilver van de NVVB met Sdu Solutions in Amsterdam.

Arthur Dallau, Managing Director of Dutch Association of Civil Services

In an ever-changing world Estonia sets the example of creating a society where the government supports its citizens and entrepreneurs with the most modern and efficient services. The e-Governance Academy brings leadership, ICT and new ways of democracy together. They are mainly responsible for an open government where transparency, effectiveness and change are the foundation of a healthy society that is at the beginning of a prosperous future. Estonia shows that a small country can achieve big results with the right mindset and the true innovation is always welcomed here.


Victor Liakh, President of the East Europe Foundation

I am thoroughly impressed with the e-Governance Academy, their operations and personnel.  I don’t believe I have ever worked with more efficient, smooth running, and innovative company such as this one.


Stela Mocan, Executive Director of Molodvan e-Government Centre

Good examples deserve to be followed. We’ve learnt a lot from the e-Governance Academy about making society and governance more open and more effective.


President of Republic of Estonia H.E Toomas Hendrik Ilves

We have to keep adding chapters to the success story of Estonia’s e-state, contributing to the understanding of the digitalised society and to analysing the problems and opportunities it presents. Championing this cause is the e-Governance Academy, which as a centre is shaping a new way of thinking in terms of how society as a whole is changing in the digital age.

Speaking at the conference marking the 10th anniversary of the e-Governance Academy


Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General United Nations

Wherever I look, I see how technology is transforming our world for the better. Estonia is contributing to this progress by sharing its experience with countries in this region and beyond. Furthermore UNDP helped fund Estonia’s E-Governance Academy that is working around the globe to promote the advantages of ICTs for governance and citizen engagement.

Secretary-General’s Ban Ki-moon public lecture at Tallinn University


Hille Hinsberg, Expert, Praxis

The e-Governance Academy has consistently supported open democracy, increased involvement of citizens and judicious governance. Here at Praxis we’re always happy to invite experts from the academy to join us if we’re discussing links between the information society and state governance, which are important issues to us both.


Lilian Lukka, Director of Information Services, Tartu City Government

The role of the e-Governance Academy in the development of Tartu’s inclusive budget has been very important. It’s more than possible that it would never have happened without their involvement – they were the first ‘messenger’ who came to us. Kristina Reinsalu provided a comprehensive overview of the scenarios in use elsewhere in the world, assisted us in finding the right one for us and was of help as well when we came in for criticism following the pilot project. But working together we held our nerve, learned every lesson there was to learn from that first year and pushed ahead.