Independence is one of the main values of the e-Governance Academy Foundation (eGA). The management board of eGA is constantly working on implementing and monitoring different measures to prevent corruption in the organisation and arranges awareness-raising activities to prevent corruption risks that can arise from insufficient work arrangements or carelessness of employees or experts.

The following main measures are in place to prevent corruption:

  • Yearly declaration of economic interests by employees,
  • Employees have to inform the management board about any parallel job engagements,
  • Removal from decision-making upon conflict of interest;
  • Mandatory reporting of gifts with an estimated value of over 100 EUR, whereas these must be either declined or handed over to the general usage of eGA.

To raise awareness on corruption prevention, the management board organises at least yearly information or training events on the subject.

Upon noticing a situation involving the risk of corruption or potentially leading to it, please inform us using one of the following channels:

  • sending an email to
  • calling us at +372 663 1500
  • it is possible to submit anonymous messages via the ‘Get in touch’¬†contact form on the eGA website.

Based on the content of the message, it will be forwarded either to the risk manager, management board or supervisory board (whichever party the message does not involve). After reviewing and analysing the message, the risk manager, management board or supervisory board will notify the sender of the results. In case of an anonymous message, the eGA management board may decide to publish the results of the analysis on the eGA website.