e-Course on e-governance solution

We are glad to announce that eGA is now offering also e-course on e-governance. So, in case you would find it more convenient to start with listening to our lectures from the web and attending the webinar to discuss your current situation and start interactive discussions on further planning and activities, we encourage you to contact us to schedule the meeting time.


Currently our first module – “Introduction to e-government” includes the following components:

  • introduction and questionnaire for the beneficiary,
  • 3 presentations on e-government key elements, e-government coordination and the role of private sector in digital transformation,
  • internal discussion of the beneficiary to discuss the materials and answer questionnaire,
  • webinar with Estonian experts to ask questions, discuss expected activities for the beneficiary, draft possible action plan.

After this we can already move forward with more concrete activities and we can narrow down the topics and field of discussions for consultancy. That would already be as action by-demand with the contact of a beneficiary and all aspects will be agreed on.



For more information please contact