Local e-Government

At the e-Governance Academy, we understand the vital role of regional governments in the development of e-administration and providing hassle-free services to the residents of local municipality.

Local and regional governments are the closest governmental units to citizens in every country. They also provide the majority of public services. E-services are a tangible output of e-governance: they help to efficiently organise the communication between public authorities, local governments and citizens. With this, local and regional governments can play an active role in the development of e-administration and e-democracy, as well.

In the Local e-Government domain our experts collect, analyse and share the best local-level e-governance experience from around the world. From this, we offer training and consultancy for local and regional policy-makers, officials, NGOs and citizens’ groups. Our training courses introduce a range of key practices and are accompanied by study visits to relevant local governments.


Focus areas of training and consultancy

  • The role of ICT in the municipality: Estonian and international experience, trends on the e-government scorecard;
  • Policy development, legislation and regulations;
  • Principles of launching, managing and auditing local government ICT projects;
  • Practical implementation of e-government at the municipal and regional level;
  • Smart City development: open data, mobile application, e-services;
  • e-Administration: development of electronic document management systems, geographical information systems, call and contact centre solutions;
  • Forming the ICT budget and organisation in the municipality;
  • Democratic processes improvement with online tools.

Further topics are possible based on the needs of the target group.

Smart City Lab

Virtual Queue Management System – GoSwift

Mobile Parking

Intelligent Transportation Systems Estonia

Participatory Budgeting – Participatory budgeting (PB) is a different way to manage public money, and to engage people in issues of local government. Tartu was the first city in Estonia who experimented with PB.

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