Jelizaveta Krenjova-Cepilova has been working at the e-Governance Academy since 2009. In the early years, she was involved in the preparation of project proposals, provided support for conducting international conferences, seminars and study tours for foreign delegations. In 2012-2016, she managed a large local government project in Ukraine, which focused on the strategic support to e-governance development and on the implementation of technical e-government e-solutions in four cities and one regional state administration in Western part of the country. Apart from the e-government projects, Jelizaveta is also involved in the work of e-democracy programme of e-Governance Academy, providing advice in the field of e-participation instruments.

Jelizaveta’s PhD degree is from the Ragnar Nurkse School of Innovation and Governance at Tallinn University of Technology. Her research interests comprise participatory instruments at the local level, with a special focus on participatory budgeting. She writes and publishes articles on the applicability of the different models of participatory budgeting, and on the implementation of this participatory tool in Estonia. Her PhD thesis “Participatory Budgeting: Theoretical Models and Applicability in Estonia and Beyond” is available here.

Jelizaveta is a native Russian speaker, she is fluent in English and Estonian, and knows basic German.