Sandra Roosna is a project manager and expert at the e-Governance Academy. Recently she led the project on the implementation of eID in Cyprus. Previously she helped to develop cooperation between leading entities in Norway and Estonia within the areas of e-governance, cyber security, innovation, and business development.

Before joining eGA, she worked for the leading electronic identity provider SK ID Solutions, which develops digital signature software, Mobile-ID service and issues qualified certificates. The department under her management, in tight collaboration with Cybernetica developed the Smart-ID concept, now widely used across Baltic countries, and piloted Mobile-ID in Ukraine.

Sandra has been leading different high-level international projects for over 10 years. In 2012 she compiled the cost-benefit analysis of digital signing and launched the digital signature cost-profit calculator  and she belongs to the authors of e-Governance in Practice, first published in 2016.

Sandra has an Executive MBA in strategic management.

She speaks Estonian, Russian and English.