Smart Governance

We help to increase government leaders’ awareness and skills in all aspects of e-government, by focusing on e-government policy and planning issues, organisational and management frameworks, legal regulations, budgeting of ICT implementation, and basic concepts of e-government interoperability and architecture.


Topics included in central e-governance:

Change Management
Electronic Identification
Spatial Governance or Land Administration


Focus areas of training and consultancy

  • Formation of ICT policy: best practice in IT policy and legal framework. Estonia’s lessons learned, comparison of policies with other countries
  • ICT coordination in the public sector: methods and organisation, international cooperation
  • Estonia’s electronic ID card and public key infrastructure (PKI)
  • Estonia’s digital signature – concept and solutions
  • Principles of data services and state registers in Estonia
  • Governmental interoperability solution X-Road: modernisation of state databases
  • Citizens’ and entrepreneurs’ portal
  • Forming the state’s ICT budget
  • Main ICT development projects in the public sector, e-service technologies for the public sector
  • Principles of launching, managing and auditing public-sector ICT projects
  • Overview of the Estonian tax system and online services offered by the Estonian Tax and Customs Administration
  • Strategic planning and management of ICT: theory and practice
  • The role of ICT in the public sector
  • ICT in education (educational strategies, e-school etc.)
  • Look@World Project – a private initiative to boost Internet penetration in Estonia
  • M-governance

Further topics are possible based on the needs of the target group.


Proven practice: Estonian e-Cabinet


Main components of e-Estonia


How to run a modern state?

icon-e_cabineteCabinet – a powerful tool used by the Estonian government to streamline its decision-making process.

ikoon_eeState e-Service Portal – a one-stop-shop for the e-services offered by government institutions.

icon-e_policeePolice – revolutionises police communication and coordination, maximising effective policing.

ikoon_etaxeTax – it has drastically reduces the time spent by individuals and entrepreneurs on filling taxes.

ikoon_healthElectronic Health Record – a nationwide system that integrates data from Estonia’s different healthcare providers to a create a common record for each patient.