Public Administration Modernisation in Djibouti

06/2020 - 06/2021
483 270 €
Project manager

The project aims at creating seamless and secure data exchange between government databases and registres of Djibouti to modernise its public administration. The secure data exchange will act as the main enabler for public e-services development. The e-services will help the government to provide administrative services remotely and in a hassle-free manner for the citizens, as well as increase efficiency and decrease corruption in the public sector.


The project has the following objectives:

1)     Implementation of the secure data exchange system X-Road, taking PKI and members’ digital services into account,

2)     Assisting ANSIE in carrying out a study of existing government information systems. The study will prepare an inventory of the information systems of governmental organisations and determine their maturity for possible integration to X-Road, 

3)     Implementation of CatIS to have a well-structured overview of all information assets,

4)     Development of technical, functional and regulatory references for all future users of the state information systems of Djibouti.​


The collaboration partner and the beneficiary of the project is the National Agency for State Information Systems (ANSIE)​.

What do we want to achieve?

As result of the project, the government of Djibouti will have an overview of the capability of government information systems and an X-Road data exchange system in place.

Based on that knowledge and the X-Road system, the government of Djibouti will be able to modernise and integrate information systems with each other to improve the use of data and exchange data between government agencies. The secure data exchange will be the main enabler for public e-services development in the near future.


Deliverables of the project

  • Functional and integrated X-Road solution with PKI​
  • X-Road solution operations manual
  • Analysis report of the existing information systems of the public administration
  • Interoperability repository​
  • Technical documentation​
  • Regulatory documentation​
  • Skills transfer plan and training courses for the administrators of the government IT systems and registers