The e-Governance Academy (eGA) relies on a network of specialists with long-standing experience in their fields of expertise. Through this, we are well placed to offer consultancy services on e-governance issues.

eGA brings together the knowledge and experience necessary to help policy-makers make informed choices. Through consultancy and on-site training, eGA facilitates the defining of these policy choices.

As an independent organisation, eGA also helps translate these choices into realistic and manageable technical needs, avoiding costly and inefficient discrepancies between what is really needed and what is actually developed in the end. Our consultants – most of whom are also lecturers on our training courses – are professionals and active practitioners in their fields, fluent in both English and Russian.

These methods of training followed by consultancy has proven to be an effective practice. In many cases, eGA is faced with concrete demands for know-how in building particular programmes, projects and strategy papers.


Consultancy delivered

Since 2003, eGA has successfully carried out consultancy missions in more than 50 countries.

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