In addition to practical consultancy work, The e-Governance Academy (eGA) is also involved in research, both in cooperation with universities and other academic institutions and through its own projects. The research covers all factors in e-governance, especially its non-technical aspects.

This includes the importance of e-governance for citizen participation and general good governance, data protection issues, symbols of the state in the context of e-governance and institutional issues.

For example, in one project, eGA experts analyzed the situation and problems regarding the use of ICT in Estonian local governments, further progressing e-Governance in the country. eGA has also conducted several practical studies on the use of websites for e-involvement for local governments.

Additional examples of our research work include:

  • Various research projects on political online campaigning: (2009 European Parliament elections, 2009 Estonian local government elections and 2011 national parliament elections)
  • In 2012, eGA performed research on the e-engagement practices of Estonian governmental institutions.
  • In 2009, within the framework of the EPACE project (a data collection project on several themes related to democracy and civic participation), eGA experts compiled manuals on e-democracy and on democracy administration for EU Member States. Read more on the publication’s web-site .


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