Electronic identification (eID)

With the increasing provision and use of e-services, new forms of authentication are needed. Modern information management requires the automated exchange of information, which in turn requires the existence of strong authentication system for personal identification and authorization.

From the perspective of a government administration, identity management is the administration of information associated with persons that can be identified, uniquely or together, in order to enable their use of government services.

We provide the following services to governments interested in the implementation of electronic identification systems:

  • Development of unique identifiers and registration of population as a necessary precondition for eID development;
  • Development of a certification system, i.e. digital identification system;
  • Development of tokens of digital identity such as ID-card, digital ID-card, mobile-ID etc;
  • Incorporation of a digital identity management system into interoperability frameworks;
  • Development of a legal environment and regulations for identity management;
  • Building public-private partnership in the development, financing and management of digital identity management;
  • Organization of capacity building and change management development for digital identity implementation;
  • Raising of public awareness about identity management, privacy and data protection.

Our expertise is based on proven practice. The Estonian digital identity management system has been a cornerstone of e-government infrastructure for more than 12 years, enabling secure authentication and authorization for users.






ikoon_idElectronic ID Card – e-ID acts as definitive proof of ID in secure electronic environments.

icon-digital-signatureDigital Signature – Digital Signature enables secure, legally-binding electronic document signing.

icon-digidocDigiDoc – DigiDoc is a system that’s widely-used in Estonia for storing, sharing and digitally signing documents.

E-residents digi-ID