Interoperability is a technical and organisational environment that enables the secure exchange of data between a state’s information systems.

The interoperability solution – data exchange layer (also known as enterprise service bus) allows governmental units, citizens and businesses to securely exchange the data and provides secure and authenticated access to the data, stored and processed in the governmental databases.

We provide the following services for governments, interested in the implementation of the interoperability solution:

  • Development of the interoperability framework;
  • Development of the interoperability architecture;
  • Selection of the best technical interoperability solution;
  • Implementation of the interoperability solution together with related training and technical support;
  • Development of the legal environment and regulations for the interoperability implementation;
  • Organization capacity building and change management development for the interoperability implementation.

Our expertise is based on proven practice. The Estonian data exchange layer X-Road is an advanced and highly secure interoperability solution, enabling authentication, authorization, secure logs management, time-stamped and encrypted data traffic and exchange.

icone_x_roadX-Road –  allows databases to interact making integrated e-services possible.