Study tours

Attend eGA customised study tours and training programmes and you can benefit from our 16 years of experience assisting over 130 countries in the area of digital transformation.

Best practice study tours and training topics include:

  • Digital transformation
  • E-government
  • E-democracy
  • Cyber security
  • Digital (Electronic) ID
  • E-health
  • ICT in education
  • I-voting
  • E-tax
  • Smart city and municipality


eGA provides tailor-made training courses on digital transformation and e-governance to help you better understand the importance of information society development. Our courses clarify the decisions that you need to make to build or enhance administrative capacity and develop sustainable public service delivery in your country.

Whether you are a decision maker or influencer, field expert or technologist, in our trainings and study tours you will be introduced to best practice ICT-based solutions via consultations and productive discussions. Through the collaboration between all participating delegates and eGA experts you will gain multi-layered insights to help you streamline decision processes for your future plans.

Tailored training programmes can take place in Estonia or your country. We have significant experience of both scenarios.

Most delegates feel inspired by the experience of witnessing Estonia’s e-government first hand. On numerous occasions an important benefit of this “real experience” has nudged the delegate team forward, to take concrete steps on the road to digital transformation of their country.

Lecturers and trainers

You will receive training and consultations from a range of eGA and external experts in digital transformation best practice. Rest assured they have significant experience and can assist your government on its path to more effective and transparent governance.

Our in-house senior experts are former Estonian government decision-makers with significant expertise in digital transformation. You will hear true stories, not theory, directly from those involved in Estonia’s own digital transformation. Their expertise has developed further from the experiences gained from assisting more than 130 other countries with their e-governance and digital transformation challenges. You are in safe hands.

It’s worth noting that eGA cooperates closely with various government agencies, academic institutions and private sector companies to offer you full support in implementing various digital transformation projects in your country, based on your ideas and inspiration gained from the trainings.


We will collaborate closely with you to tailor-make a specific training programme to meet your nation’s particular circumstances and prioritised requirements. With eGA’s 16 years of experience in providing consultations in more than 130 countries, you can feel confident that eGA has not only the background knowledge on topics of importance to you but also that our experts can provide you with up-to-date lectures, situational analyses and relevant suggestions.

Your training courses include:

  • Group lectures and discussions;
  • Visits to various Estonian government organisations, educational institutions, NGOs and private sector companies that are involved in Estonia’s digital transformation;
  • Meetings with public officials and representatives of various institutions that reflect your individual interests and needs;
  • Meetings with key people behind the scenes of Estonia’s successful e-society;
  • Opportunities to witness Estonian life through city tours and other activities.


Ideally your training course is bespoke, designed and delivered to your country’s team alone, however in some instances for logistic or economic reasons we can combine delegations from more than one country, if the situation merits such an approach. Each course usually runs for 3-5 days either in English or Russian. French translation is also available.

If you would like to organise a study tour in Estonia or invite us over to your country, feel free to contact Ms Annela Kiirats, Programme Director of  e-Governance Trainings at annela.kiirats@ega.ee or +372 525 8623.


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