Numerous Ukrainian officials have participated in training visits to Tallinn over the course of eight projects conducted by eGA. Delegates have gained considerable experience in fields ranging from digital document management to mobile applications. Now, Ukraine has made considerable strides in e-government at central government level:

  • Assisting the foundation of the State Agency for e-Governance, that leads developments in Ukraine;
  • Implementing the Estonian-developed secure data exchange system Trembita for inter-governmental data exchange;
  • Creating new, and upgrading existing, public e-services by empowering administrative service centres with a modern information system (Vulyk) for upgrading public service delivery – a side benefit has been a reduction in corruption;
  • At a local level, municipalities of Ukraine are providing their agencies and citizens with a range of services;
  • All activities are conducted through the cooperation of the State Agency for e-Governance of Ukraine with eGA, financed by the Swedish and Estonian governments.