Ukrainian digital envoys met with US Ambassador George P. Kent


The Ukrainian digital envoys of the e-Governance Academy (eGA) had the honor of meeting with US Ambassador to Estonia, George P. Kent.

The meeting served as a platform for the envoys to present the impactful projects they have spearheaded to support the Ukrainian community in Estonia under the US Department of State-financed project “Digital Empowerment of the Ukrainian Community in Estonia” or DEUCE in short.

In addition to facilitating the use of everyday Estonian and Ukrainian e-services, the digital envoys from Ukraine have played a crucial role in familiarizing local Ukrainians with digital tools and solutions. Their initiatives have helped local Ukrainians in communication with authorities, saved time, fostered active community engagement, improved access to information, and mitigated cybersecurity risks.

During the meeting with Ukrainian digital envoys, US Ambassador to Estonia, George P. Kent, expressed a profound personal and professional connection to Ukraine. “I have served twice in Ukraine and my wife is ethnically Crimean Tatar, so what happens in Ukraine has great interest to my family – professionally to me and personally for the rest of my family,” he stated.

Afterwards, Ambassador Kent was introduced to the initiatives undertaken by the digital envoys, which have significantly enhanced digital integration and resilience among Ukrainians living in Estonia. The envoys highlighted four key projects:

  • Tartu Help Bot: A Telegram bot providing essential information to Ukrainian refugees regarding refugee status and integration resources.
  • Scam Map: A visual guide highlighting common fraud schemes and preventive measures to safeguard the Ukrainian community in Estonia from financial and psychological harm.
  • Professional Development Workshop: Workshops aimed at equipping Ukrainians with essential digital skills for success in the Estonian job market.
  • Easy Stuudium: A project facilitating the use of essential educational programs for Ukrainian children and their parents in Estonia.

„For eGA that works mainly outside Estonia this is our unique opportunity to do something in Estonia with Ukrainians for Ukrainian people,“ said Kristina Mänd, lead of the project.

In the first cohort, eGA engaged 31 talented young Ukrainians living in Estonia, training them as digital envoys, who in turn have by now reached to over 10,000 Ukrainians, educated and empower over 400 digitally vulnerable community members.

The project DEUCE  or “Digital Empowerment of the Ukrainian Community in Estonia”, slated to continue until September 2025, is being implemented by eGA with support from the United States Department of State totaling $236,000.

Previously, eGA successfully implemented a similar project, “DRIVE: Digital Research and Impact for Vulnerable E-citizens”, in Ukraine, training 32 digital ambassadors who shared their knowledge with nearly 700 individuals.

The e-Governance Academy remains committed to collaborating with international partners and local stakeholders to increase the prosperity and openness of societies through digital transformation.

For more information about the e-Governance Academy and its projects, please visit DEUCE webpage.