Raphael Fassoni


In our work to connect Brazil and Estonia for partnerships in the public and private spheres, e-Governance Academy (eGA) plays a key role in detailing the entire journey of building a digital nation that serves as a model for the world. Moreover, eGA experts show how it can be replicated by other governments and institutions around the globe.

One of the game-changing activities offered by eGA is the e-governance-related workshops. They are instructive, inspiring and engaging. It is a starting point for leaders and teams to be on the same page and build strategic vision and a collaborative spirit for such a challenging endeavour of reinventing how governments interact with citizens and companies in the digital era.

For those working in or with the public sector – either on a technical role, policy-making and desiring to support the reduction of bureaucracy and digitisation of their institution or country, we recommend eGA as an “indispensable partner” and a presentation as a pre-req to understand how and why Estonia is considered the world’s most advanced digital society.