Founded in 2002, the e-Governance Academy (eGA) is a non-profit think tank and consultancy organisation: a joint initiative of the Government of Estonia, Open Society Institute  (OSI) and  the United Nations Development Programme. We create and transfer knowledge and best practice in the area of digital transformation: e-governance, e-democracy and national cyber security.

eGA can expertly empower your central and local government decision-makers to lead digital transformation programmes to create smart, sustainable and effective e-government, e-democracy and cyber security solutions. We make this happen through consultancy, training, networking, research and assisting you in the implementation of your e-government technical solutions.

e-Governance Academy’s management system for its project management, study visits and consulting services have been independently certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Read more about eGA’s ISO certification: Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2015.

To date, eGA has cooperated with more than 200 organisations and trained more than 5,500 officials in 130 countries and regions. We are playing key roles in e-government and digital transformation policy planning and implementation including the formation of the lead organisations responsible for developing a nation’s interoperability framework and related legal and technical framework development and management.

Most notably, eGA has delivered digital transformation solutions in transitional societies, especially in Eastern and Central Europe, Asia and Africa. Additional cooperation projects have taken place with EU countries including Austria, Belgium, Faroe Islands (Denmark), Finland, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.

Read more about our digital transformation projects.

eGA is an Advisory Observer of the Secure Identity Alliance (SIA), the global identity and secure e-services advisory body, a member of Estonian Roundtable for Development Cooperation and a member of the Estonian Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organizations.

We adhere to the Code of ethics of Estonian non-profit organisations.

eGA is audited annually by an internationally accepted audit company, currently KPMG Baltics.

Overview of e-Governance Academy’s activities in 2018


Facilitating the digital transformation of governments

The e-Governance Academy helps governments increase their governance efficiency and improve their democratic processes. For this purpose, we analyse and create information about e-governance and transfer Estonian and international best practices around the world. Read more from the foundation articles of the e-Governance Academy.


The e-Governance Academy is a leading e-governance think tank and consultancy organisation. Read more from the Strategy of e-Governance Academy 2018-2022


  1. We act and advise independently of our political or economic stakeholders.
  2. Personal experience. Our internationally recognised and highly experienced digital transformation experts and partners enjoy openly sharing their experiences with others.
  3. We are open-minded. We share our best experiences and lessons with our partners and clients.
  4. Flexibility and practicality. We listen carefully and learn about each country’s specific situation. We recommend localised solutions that can be practically implemented.
  5. Customer-centric. As required, we cooperate with the private sector solution providers, however, we do not promote any specific technical platforms or companies. We independently recommend only the solutions that will best meet the needs or fit the requirements of each customer.
  6. We focus on quality and speed. To achieve the best results, we place an enormous focus on the quality of our work and meeting agreed deadlines.
  7. We treat everyone with respect. We value our employees and yours and promote a positive working environment on all projects.


Strategy of e-Governance Academy 2019-2023

Foundation articles

Foundation articles of the e-Governance Academy