Empowerment of public service delivery in Ukraine

eGA’s EGOV4UKRAINE project, part of the European Union U-LEAD Programme, supports public service delivery in the Ukrainian local governments (hromadas) and increases the administrative service centers’ work speed and quality.

This is achieved by developing and implementing a modern information system, called Vulyk,  for Ukraine’s administrative service centres (ASCs) and integrating it with governmental data exchange system Trembita.

Vulyk is scheduled to be implemented up to 600 administrative service centres across Ukraine by June of 2021. Vulyk is an effective system for the automation of ASC administrative processes. It improves the availability and quality of administrative services to the population, reduces the cost of paper workflow and ensures the reliable storage and protection of information.

Vulyk differs from other systems by providing access to public registers and online data exchange via the Trembita data exchange solution. This combination allows faster provision of administrative services to Ukraine’s citizens and legal entities.

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