U-LEAD support project EGOV4UKRAINE

Governance and Engagement
Governance and Engagement
11/2016 - 08/2021
9 381 649 €
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The project EGOV4Ukraine improved the public service delivery in Ukraine and empowered digital transformation by developing and implementing comprehensive and efficient the Trembita data exchange system and the Vulyk information system for administrative service centres.

The Trembita system ensures the interaction and secure data exchange between state registers and information systems, laying the basis for the electronic service provision for citizens and businesses.

As the result, the Trembita system connects more than 80 authorities and local governments of Ukraine and works as the basis of the most popular e-services, and more than 250 administrative service centres (ASCs) across Ukraine are connected to Vulyk.

The project was part of Ukraine’s decentralisation programme for more transparent and accountable governance and supports activities financed by U-LEAD with Europe programme. The programme was financed by EU and its member states Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Poland, Sweden and Slovenia.


What did we do?

The specific objectives were:

  • To develop comprehensive and efficient ICT architecture to support the decentralised public service delivery in the local governments.
  • To develop information systems, supporting data exchange and service delivery by electronic channels, both in ASCs (administrative service centre) and self-service online channels. The key systems are:
    • Governmental interoperability solution – Trembita;
    • Officials virtual working place solution – digital workplace for officials in ASCs – Vulyk.
  • To support development of the first set of administrative services, to be provided by ASC; simplification and acceleration of the administrative services by reusing data from the national registries.
  • To develop ICT skills of the public servants in ASC
  • To build capacity of the ICT professionals in the central government units to simplify and redesign administrative services processes.
  • To support networking and best practice exchanges between the ASC and local government ICT staff.
  • To support other U-LEAD project activities by ICT and electronic service delivery related standards and minimum requirements.
  • To support U-LEAD project activities by ICT and electronic service delivery related standards and minimum requirements.
  • To organise efficient stakeholders and donor coordination between the e-government related projects and activities to support Ukrainian beneficiaries and stakeholders.