Ukraine to begin the implementation of interoperability system


26 of October was a historic day for Ukraine, when Mari Pedak, the team leader of U-LEAD support programme EGOV4UKRAINE and Riho Kurg from Cybernetica AS, handed over the documentation and the rights to the State Agency for e-Governance in Ukraine to start the implementation of interoperability system (Trembita) based on Estonian X-road.


From left: Riho Kurg, Mari Pedak, Aleksey Vyskub

Starting from that day, the Ukrainian government is using this system for provisions and development of its own public e-services, which will free Ukrainian citizens from collecting paper certificates and documents.

According to Alexey Vyskub, Deputy Director of the State Agency for e-Governance in Ukraine, the governmental interoperability system serves as the fundamental infrastructure for providing e-services. “E-services will shape the economy of Ukraine, increase competitiveness and offer citizens the freedom to use public services 24/7 where it is most convenient for them,” said Vyskub. “The system will run data, not people”.

The interoperability system guarantees state authorities and service centres access to the information contained in national registers and thereby will enable fast and high-quality provision of public services. The data exchange solution will be implemented by the end of 2017.

Mari Pedak, Team Leader for the EGOV4UKRAINE project of the e-Governance Academy, stated that more than 500 public Ukrainian public service centers would start providing services to citizens on the basis of this data exchange solution.

“The interoperability system has been operated in Estonia without any interruptions for over 15 years and has proved its effectiveness and safety. Ukraine is so far the largest country to implement the system that meets all requirements of EU. The implementation process is a good example of excellent cooperation between EU, Sweden, Estonia and Ukraine,” – says Mari Pedak, the head of the international project EGOV4UKRAINE.

The implementation of the interoperability system in Ukraine is supported within the framework of the EGOV4UKRAINE project of the Ukrainian U-LEAD administrative reform support programme by the European Union and Swedish and Estonian development cooperation programmes.