The 3rd Forum of IT managers of Ukraine focused on development of interoperability solution and e-services


For the first time in the history The 3rd Forum for IT Managers of Ukraine brought on 16- 17 November together up to 200 IT managers of all levels of public sector and representatives of e-governance support projects EGOV4UKRAINE, TAPAS, EGAP to discuss implementation of interoperability system Trembita and next steps of making public services more effective, transparent and convenient for citizens by using ICT tools.

“The Trembita interoperability system is a long-awaited chance for Ukraine to finally get rid of bureaucratic barriers and to build a proper interaction between the state and its citizens”, Oleksandr Ryzhenko, the Head of the State Agency for E-Governance in Ukraine, said at the 3rd Forum of IT Managers “Interoperability and E-services” on November, 16. “However, it needs to engage supporters and IT Managers from all levels of the public sector to succeed. “

“The Trembita system is a fundamental infrastructure to ensure efficient and transparent administrative services in Ukraine. This is the right way for us in case we want to free citizens from queues and “corridor”-based corruption. Data should be running, not people. The forum provides us with an opportunity to engage all stakeholders and key projects to deliver high-quality reforms in Ukraine,” Ryzhenko stressed.

The Trembita system will start operating in Ukraine in the coming months. It is implemented by the Estonian-Ukrainian Consortium in close cooperation with the State Agency for E-Governance in Ukraine.

“The project brings together political will of the Ukrainian government, Estonian and Ukrainian best expertise, and funds of the European Union as well as Swedish and Estonian governments,” Mari Pedak, the EGOV4UKRAINE Project Team Leader and a representative of the Estonian e-Governance Academy, said.

In her words, the implementation of the Project as a result of two years of hard work for Ukraine will enable Ukrainian citizens to become real holders of their personal data. Since people will know which public official made a query about them, when and why.

The 3rd Forum for IT Managers was organized by the State Agency for E-Governance of Ukraine, the EGOV4UKRAINE Project, as a part of the U-LEAD decentralization support programme for Ukraine, as well as TAPAS and EGAP projects. The forum was held in Kiev at the Puscha Congress Hotel.

Find more information on the website: https://www.forumitdir.eu/