40 countries have been listed in the National Cyber Security Index


40 countries have been listed in the National Cyber Security Index

The National Cyber Security Index has reached a new milestone, now containing the cyber security profiles of 40 countries.

Here is the current top 10:
2. ­čçĘ­čç┐Czech Republic
3. ­čçČ­čç¬Georgia
4.┬á­čçČ­čçžGreat Britain
5. ­čç▒­čç╣Lithuania
8. ­čçž­čçżBelarus
9. ­čç║­čçŽUkraine
10. ­čç«­čç¬Italy

The index can be consulted at http://ncsi.ega.ee. New information and countries are added to the index each week and we are aiming at reaching 100 countries in the coming months. If your country is not yet listed or is missing important information, please contact the NCSI team at ncsi@ega.ee.

The National Cyber Security Index shows the cyber security situation of countries through 12 strategic capacities. It is a global database providing links and documents about national cyber security. What differentiates the index from others is that every positive answer is backed with publicly available evidence materials. The data for the index is provided by national cyber security officials and experts.

The NCSI is a global index which measures countriesÔÇÖ┬ápreparedness┬áto┬áprevent┬áthe┬árealisation of fundamental cyber threats and┬áreadiness┬áto┬ámanage cyber incidents, crimes and┬álarge-scale cyber┬ácrises.

Also, it is a global database providing links and documents about national cyber security. In addition, the NCSI is a tool for national cyber security capacity building describing strategic measures of cyberspace protection.