EGOV4UKRAINE project enhanced the provision of automated public service delivery in Ukraine


During the last four and half years, the EU-funded EGOV4UKRAINE project team lead the development and implementation of the Vulyk information system in Ukraine to provide the municipalities with a modern tool for automated service provision. As of June 2021, more than 250 administrative service centres (ASCs) across Ukraine are connected to Vulyk.  

The importance of modern IT solutions for the provision of quality administrative services was discussed at the high-level online conference “ASC in Vulyk: how information technology helps to provide services to people faster and better” held on 10 June. 

 “Making sure that administrative services are delivered in an easy, fast, corruption-free and efficient manner is decisive for the quality of life of Ukraine’s citizens, and for unleashing the potential of new and established businesses. The EU will continue supporting the deployment of e-governance systems in Ukraine through the EU4DigitalUA project, to achieve an effective, transparent and sustainable public service for the benefit of citizens and businesses alike, – said Remi Duflot, Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraineat the conference.

 Vulyk automates the ASCs work, reduces the load of paperwork on administrators, and increases the speed of service provision. The integration with the data exchange system Trembita allows ASCs that using Vulyk to receive data from the government electronic registers and information systems that are connected to Trembita. Moreover, Vulyk enables interaction with the Diia mobile app.

 “Thanks to Vulyk Ukrainian citizens do not have to submit paper copies of documents while receiving administrative services in the ASC, but can provide digital documents via mobile application Diia. The use of both solutions significantly speeds up public services delivery, eliminates errors in filling documents and facilitates paperless administration, – said Oleksiy Vyskub, First Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. 

It is expected that by the end of the EGOV4UKRAINE project, about 400 ASCs supported by the U-LEAD with Europe Programme will operate in the Vulyk information system. At the same time, any Administrative Service Centre can connect to the system and enjoy its benefits.

We hope that the Vulyk information system will help to optimize the operation of Administrative Service Centres and that the system will be further developed according to the Government strategy for the digital transformation of services. ASCs provide services and consultations for citizens and businesses in a comfortable environment, and the U-LEAD with Europe Programme creates 1,300 such access points to services in Hromadas,” noted Susanna Dellans, Sida Programme Director of U-LEAD with Europe.

An important feature of the Vulyk system is the ability to expand its functionality. Additionally, to interaction with Trembita and Diia mobile app, Vulyk enables to read the ID-cards, proceed with online payments and consolidate reports. 

During the development and improvement of Vulyk, we worked closely with Administrative Service Centres and considered their needs and wishes. We hope that equipped with this modern information system ASCs will fully use its opportunities to serve people more efficiently,” stated Mari Pedak, EGOV4UKRAINE Project Team Leader.

The ASC in Chortkiv was the first to use the opportunity for interaction between Vulyk and Trembita. Thus, the centre could expand the range of services and the speed of their provision.

Thanks to the interaction between the Vulyk Information System and the Trembita Data Exchange System, our ASC can verify the applicant’s registration data in the registers of the State Fiscal Service, the State Migration Service, and the Ministry of the Interior. At the same time, through the Trembita System, the interaction with the Territorial Community Register was created. As a result, the centre can provide administrative services related to the registration of residence,” said Artur Shymkiv, Manager of the ASC of Chortkiv City Council.

Among others, the ASC of the Chortkiv City Council, of the Ternopil Region, actively enjoys the benefits of this modern technology. 

 “Every head of the community should set an ambitious goal – to provide e-services in their community. In Chortkiv, we do it successfully by the Vulyk information system. Our goal is to make the data run, not people,” emphasized  Volodymyr Shmat’ko, Major of Chortkiv at the conference.


The Vulyk information system was created and implemented in 2017-2021 by the EGOV4UKRAINE project of the „U-LEAD with Europe“ programme in collaboration with e-Governance Academy (Estonia), Ministry of DigitalTransformation of Ukraine, SoftXpansion Ltd (Ukraine) and IAdmin Ltd (Ukraine). The „U-LEAD with Europe“ programme is supported by the European Union and its Member States – Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Estonia and Slovenia.


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