Evaluation of the Ukrainian government IT systems


eGA’s EGOV4Ukraine project, the State Agency for E-Governance and the National Civil Service Agency of Ukraine conducted a survey of government IT systems of Ukraine and based on that developed joint recommendations for building, upgrading and developing IT systems and infrastructure. The audit lasted until October 2018 and included 573 IT systems of 66 government organisations and 24 regional administrations.

The overview of IT systems gave us a good basis to prepare the integration of government databases with the data exchange system Trembita for the provision of efficient and transparent public services and accelerate the development of e-services for citizens,” said Mari Pedak, Team Leader of the EGOV4Ukraine project.

The Trembita system is a fundamental piece of IT infrastructure for secure data exchange between government agencies. It is introduced by the EGOV4Ukraine project in close cooperation with the State Agency for E-Governance in Ukraine.

The recommendations give a systematic and sustainable approach to the building, upgrading and development of government IT systems and infrastructure of Ukraine. We believe that following the recommendations will make e-governance development more efficient and give the best results in optimal time,” said Dmytro Makovski, Director of the Department of Digital Transformation of the State Agency for E-Governance of Ukraine.

The recommendations were the following:

1) to modernize the requirements of the development and management of information systems;

2) to introduce clear rules, procedures, instructions for the work with information systems;

3) to provide all e-services in one portal;

4) to guarantee the security and confidentiality of data according to European guidelines;

5) for all authorities to prepare their own cyber security and network protection plan;

6) for state authorities to provide open data;

7) to establish uniform design and information provision rules on official web portals and websites of public authorities;

8) for all employees of public authorities to be connected to the e-document flow system and this system should meet the listed requirements;

9) for each public authority to meet the listed requirements to integrate databases and registers to the Trembita data exchange system;

10) to implement legal and technical measures to introduce electronic identification;

11) to modernise the network infrastructure in line with requirements;

12) workstations, servers and network equipment should not be older than 5 years, and should be upgraded to meet the current needs every 2 years;

13) to license and update the operating systems and software;

14) to fund the programme on modernising the information infrastructure through the national and local budgets.

More detailed recommendations are available at http://audit.gov.ua.  In the future, the survey will become annual and will include all owners and managers of government information systems.

Background information: The audit of IT systems was carried out in pursuance of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine acts from April 11, 2018, No. 238-r and No. 239-r.

The EGOV4UKRAINE project (“Support for E-Governance Decentralization in Ukraine”) is a part of the Ukrainian decentralisation support programme U-LEAD with Europe, which runs from 2016 to 2020. It is financed by the EU and its member states Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Poland and Sweden.

The project aims to improve the public service provision in Ukrainian local governments by developing and implementing comprehensive and efficient information systems and administrative services. The expected result is to support up to 600 administrative service centres by the end of 2020. The ACSs are expected to be able to provide hundreds of government services online by the end of this project.

For additional information, please contact Mari Pedak, Team Leader of the U-LEAD support project EGOV4UKRAINE, e-Governance Academy, by phone +38 063 164 3550, or e-mail: mari.pedak @ ega.ee.