The Estonian-origin backbone for e-services benefits Ukrainian digital government development


The Estonian-origin backbone for government e-services – Trembita system – connects more than 80 authorities and local governments of Ukraine and works as the basis of the most popular e-services. 

To date, more than 180 interactions have been established between electronic registers and information systems of government authorities through the Trembita system. These interactions serve as the basis for e-services development. As an example, the very popular services eBaby, the childbirth registration and benefit application service, and ID-14, the primary identity card application service, are operating based on the Trembita system. The Trembita system also facilitates pharmacy licenses verification and access to court decisions by the notaries. Also, the most demanded public service, the online registration of one’s residence, will soon become available thanks to the Trembita system.

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“”Making data run, not people” was the slogan of the EGOV4UKRAINE project, and the Trembita system brings it to fruition in the best way. The Trembita system ensures the interaction and secure data exchange between state registers and information systems, laying the basis for the electronic service provision for citizens and businesses,” said Mari Pedak, Team Leader of the EGOV4UKRAINE project from e-Governance Academy. “We are grateful for the fruitful cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Transformation and other Ukrainian government institutions. Together we managed to achieve this ambitious goal.“

„Ukraine is the largest country in the world where the Estonian-origin data exchange platform is fully functional.Building on the achievements of the EGOV4UKRAINE project, we continue our collaboration with the government of Ukraine within the EU-supported EU4DigitalUA project. We are happy to assist in making digital transformation happen in Ukraine!” said Hannes Astok, Executive Director of e-Governance Academy.

“The Trembita system is one of the key elements in building of the digital state. Thanks to this secure data exchange system, the Ministry of Digital Transformation has achieved extraordinary results in the field of e-governance in a short time. I am sincerely grateful to our international partners for their support and assistance to Ukraine on the path of digital transformation,” said Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

Screenshot of the video about Trembita system implementation


The Trembita system development and implementation was supported by the European Union and its Member States – Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Estonia and Slovenia.

“The EU enthusiastically supports development of e-governance in Ukraine. I am proud that Trembita system, created by U-LEAD with Europe programme, is the backbone of the Ukrainian e-governance infrastructure. It improves the quality of electronic public services provision both at the central and local levels supporting successful implementation of both decentralisation and digital transformation reforms in Ukraine. The EU will continue supporting Trembita system in the framework of EU4DigitalUA project to achieve effective, transparent and sustainable public service delivery for citizens and businesses. We are moving forward together,” said Ambassador Matti Maasikas, Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine.

Besides e-services, Trembita also supports the faster provision of public services in local administrative service centersin Ukraine.

Screenshot of the video about Trembita system implementation

“Provision of high-quality public services onsite from ASCs, or online, improves the lives of citizens and also facilitates the local business development. Connecting all ACSs using the “Vulyk” information system, with the Trembita system,opens new possibilities for ASCs to get the data from governmental electronic registers. This makes the work of ASCs even more efficient and helps to build the capacity of hromadas,” said Susanna Dellans, U-LEAD programme director from Side.

The Trembita system was developed and implemented in 2016 – 2021 within the EGOV4UKRAINE project of the “U-LEAD with Europe” programme by e-Governance Academy and IT companies Cybernetica AS (Estonia) and SoftExpansion (Ukraine). The activities cost 9.4 million euros and were financed by the European Union and its Member States – Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Estonia and Slovenia.


Additional information about the project can be found on EGOV4UKRAINE web-site


 Watch video about Trembita system

Watch the re-cap of Trembita system implementation