DTT: Let’s discuss healthcare data exchange challenges


The Digital Transformation Talks invites officials and government decision-makers of healthcare sector, healthcare providers and representatives of patients to discuss cross-border healthcare data exchange challenges in face of the new vaccine certificate. The event will be held on 24 March 2021, 11:00 – 13:00 CET, ONLINE. It’s free of charge, but registration is required.

For the broader public the event will be live streamed also in eGA’s Facebook account

According to Merle Maigre, the Senior Expert on Cyber Security Programm at e-Governance Academy the discussion on digital health solutions and challenges governments and the health sector is facing is very timely.

The COVID19 pandemic has created a new reality for the healthcare sector, globally testing its limits. The European Commission and the World Health Organisation are looking for a scalable digital infrastructure for secure vaccination certification to help governments to reopen societies and economies. For credible future digital health solutions, we need people to understand better both the medical and the cyber security challenges,” said Maigre.

The e-Governance Digital Transformation Talk provides participants to

  • dig into the challenges and opportunities of cross-border health data exchange,
  • understand the role of governments and other stakeholders in the vaccine certificate development,
  • get an overview of legislative and technical measures that ensure the trust framework around the vaccine certificate.

The speakers of Digital Transformation Talks include high-level international decision-makers, strategists, and hands-on public and private sector practitioners of digital healthcare solutions. The event features Clayton Hamilton (World Health Organisation); Kalle Killar (Ministry of Social Affairs, Estonia); Konstantin Hyppönen (DG Health and Food Safety (SANTE)); Dr Terje Peetso, (North Estonia Medical Centre (Estonia); Vincent van Pelt (Nictiz, Competence Centre for Electronic Exchange of Health and Care Information, the Netherlands), Dr Ain Aaviksoo (Guardtime), Paul Timmers (EC/DG SANTE), Marten Kaevats (Government Office of Estonia), Merle Maigre (eGA) and Hannes Astok (eGA).

The Digital Transformation Talks  is a series of timely online discussions organised by the e-Governance Academy. This event is organised in close collaboration with the Estonian Government Office.

For more information, visit the Digital Transformation Talks’ website ega.ee/ehealthsecurity .