Trembita data exchange solution in Ukraine

How many days does it take to start a business in Ukraine? Or to renew a driver’s license?

At least a week, but perhaps even more to gather all the required documents and certificates. The secure data exchange solution Trembita fosters administrative processes in Ukraine by running data between government agencies and makes once-only principle a reality in Ukraine by allowing authorities to reuse and exchange data with other authorities.

Ukraine is to date the largest country to implement the solution that meets all European legislative and technology requirements. Trembita releases Ukrainian citizens and entrepreneurs from dealing with paper certificates and documents.

“Trembita is a long-awaited chance for Ukraine to finally get rid of bureaucratic barriers and “corridor”-based corruption, and builds a proper interaction between the state and its citizens. Trembita makes data do the running, not the people, and serves as the fundamental infrastructure for providing e-services,” said Oleksandr Ryzhenko, Head of the State Agency for E-Governance in Ukraine

According to Ryzhenko, e-services will re-shape the economy of Ukraine, increase competitiveness and offer its citizens the freedom to use public services 24/7 from home or wherever is most convenient for them.

Besides fostering e-services, Trembita also forms the basis for the provision of public services in small administrative service centres (ASC), created within the U-LEAD programme. Trembita gives ASCs the opportunity to provide public services promptly and to a high degree of quality through providing access to information in national registers.

The data exchange solution will be implemented by the end of 2018. The development and implementation of the data exchange solution Trembita in Ukraine is carried out within the EGOV4UKRAINE project, financed by the U-LEAD programme of the European Union.