Armenia developed new tools for combating corruption

The Armenian government developed new electronic tools for combating corruption with the assistance of eGA and  EU support.

The tools were the followings:

  • Population register activities have become electronic;
  • Police e-services were introduced to deal with vehicle registrations and driver’s licenses;
  • An electronic judicial register and a driver’s license examination system were put in place.

Public servants in 50 population offices all over the country were trained how to use the new systems. They are now able to use a modern web-based environment for conducting population register activities, including registering life events from birth to death and exchanging information with the police database and the passport register. The electronic system ensures that the data of the citizens are accurate, verifiable and securely stored. The creation of all documents was automated and the documents can be issued at participating offices all over the country.

For Armenian citizens, this means that in order to receive documents from the population register, they no longer need to undertake a long journey to the nearest state authority and pay for the documents based on the discretion of a public servant. Proceedings and activities that once took days to complete can now be finalised promptly. Fixed rates have been established for documents and vehicle license plates, and the payments are now made directly to the state rather than to the official issuing the documents or license plates. The funds – formerly constituting systematic ‘benefits’ for officials – are thus now directly transferred to the state treasury, thanks to the help of the implemented IT solutions.

Prior to the implementation process eGA consultants assisted with the required regulatory changes in the new Personal Data Protection Act and other policies.

Our cooperation with Armenia started in 2001 with study visits and has since resulted in extensive cooperation for further development of Armenia’s e-governance programme.