The study tour was a very enriching experience. I was really impressed with how all the systems are interacting with each other in Estonia, not only in healthcare but in all the areas that citizens are involved. Also, I think it is very positive that the citizen can access his/her own information. We will also look forward to put all of Panama’s healthcare systems – both public and private ones – in interaction to foster communication between different doctors and hospitals, reducing costs for the government and the patient by not duplicating analyses and tests. By doing so, healthcare services, in general, would greatly improve.

I will suggest to my colleagues to participate in the e-Governance Academy’s study tour in Estonia if possible. One thing is to hear about the system from a stage or in a meeting, but another thing is to see it in person, interact, and to listen and ask questions directly from the experts.

I will transmit all my learnings and experiences while in Estonia to my colleagues whom I cooperate with and hope we will find a joint understanding of how to continue on our path so our citizens can one day have an intercommunication of their information like in Estonia.