e-Voting Conference: Lessons learnt and future challenges

27.10.2006 - 28.10.2006

In October, 2005 Estonia became the first country in the World to have countrywide local
elections where people could cast their vote over the Internet. Based on the success of it, Estonian citizens had the second chance to vote over the Internet in the parliamentary elections in March 2007. But, what really happened with e-voting in Estonia in 2005? European University in Florence and Estonian e-Governance Academy carried out, with a support of the Council of Europe, a survey covering wide array of questions from participatory activity to security fears to satisfaction with e-voting experience and presented these findings at the conference “E-voting: lessons learnt and future challenges”

The purpose of the conference was to understand Estonian e-voting experience and put it into wider context. Lecturers looked into both legal and practical problems of e-voting as well as the use of the Internet in political campaigns in order to raise the activity of voters.






Estonian National Electoral Committee


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia


Council of Europe