New Opportunities for Citizen Participation in an Information Society


What are the perspectives of e-democracy development? E-voting, TOM portal, civil rights in an information society – this and much more has been discussed during the conference labeled “New Opportunities for Citizen Participation in an Information Society”.

9:30  Registration
10:00 Opening of the Conference
10:10 I session: Present situation and current developments

Moderator: Silver Meikar, Member of the Parliament

e -participation solutions: international experiences

Prof. Alexander H. Trechsel, European University InstituteCivil rights in an information society

Ülle Madise, Chief Auditor, State Audit Office

11:30 Coffee break
11:45 II session: e-tools for active citizen participation Moderator: Liia Hänni, Program Director, e-Governance Acedemy,Analysis of the TOM Portal and ideas for its development – Peeter Marvet, TID+ project expert; Eero Elenurm, TID+ software developer

Citizens expressing opinions – governmental participation portal www.osale.ee – Hille Hinsberg, advisor to the State Chancellery,

Introduction to the e-participation platform TID+; possibilities for implementation – Steven Segaert, TID+ project manager

14.00 Lunch
14.45 III session: Perspetives on e-voting

Moderator: Heiki Sibul, National Electoral Committee, Chairman

The e-voting experience: what have we learned and how to proceed? – Dr Guido Schwerdt, Ifo Institute for Economic Research

Developing the Estonian e-voting project: m-voting – Tarvi Martens, e-voting project manager

15:45 Panel discussion: „Online Participation, The New Media and Politics: Who Needs to Take the Initiative?”

Moderator: Raul Rebane, media consultant

Panelists: Jaanus Lillenberg (Postimees), Liisa Past (Eesti Päevaleht), Peeter Marvet (TID+ project expert), Hannes Rumm (Member of the Estonian Parliament)

16.45 Summary of the conference

Urmo Kübar, Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organisations, Executive Director

Andrew Glencross, European Union Democracy Observatory





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