eGA partnered with the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise


The e-Governance Academy partnered with the Global Forum on Cyber ​​Expertise (GFCE) to extend its contribution to the cyber capacity building of countries. 

The Global Forum aims to strengthen cyber capacity and expertise globally through international collaboration.

According to Epp Maaten, Head of the Cyber ​​Security Programme at the e-Governance Academy, the Global Forum on Cyber ​​Expertise provides the e-Governance Academy with an opportunity to contribute in the improvement of the cyber capacities of countries.

We will provide the Global Forum with a comprehensive and widely recognised tool for mapping and developing national cyber capabilities – the National Cyber ​​Security Index (NCSI). The NCSI takes national decision-makers on a cyber capacity development journey, starting with mapping the situation and setting strategic goals,” said Maaten. “eGA cyber security experts also participate in the GFCE’s working group that deals with cyber security strategy and policy.

The Global Forum on Cyber ​​Expertise was founded in 2015. One of the founding members of the Global Forum was the Estonian state. The Global Forum includes countries, international organisations such as the European Union, the Council of Europe, ENISA, ITU and others, as well as foundations and companies such as Microsoft, Vodafone and Symantec, and many others. After 5 years of operations, the cooperation forum has 86 members and 38 partners.

Read more on how the National Cyber Security Index supports the forum’s activities in the GFCE’s newsletter .

For more information about the GFCE please visit thegfce.org