The report on cybersecurity awareness is published


Within the project ‘ENISA: Research of Awareness Raising Activities‘ eGA cyber experts compiled a report on cybersecurity awareness that aims to assist EU Member States in fostering their cybersecurity capacities on citizens. The report is published by ENISA (European Union Agency for Cybersecurity).

According to Merle Maigre, Senior Expert on Cybersecurity who led the report preparations, an ever-rising number of cyberattacks each year is a de facto, which in combination with the lack of appropriate guidelines and trainings highlights the urgent need for cybersecurity awareness. “EU Member States need to take concrete actions towards fostering cybersecurity capacities on citizens. This report shares recommendations based on the best practice of EU Member States,” said Merle Maigre.

The report presents ways in which the EU Member States have achieved better cybersecurity awareness in society and have incorporated cybersecurity awareness into their national cybersecurity strategies.

In addition, the report provides recommendations in the following four areas: building capacities for cybersecurity awareness, regular assessments of trends and challenges, measuring cybersecurity behaviour and planning cybersecurity awareness campaigns.

The report is an excellent guide for the experts from National Authorities responsible for the designing and the implementation of cybersecurity awareness raising campaigns, as well as responsible for National Cybersecurity Strategies; European Institutions interested in cybersecurity awareness and skills; business and the industry sector and researchers and the academic community.

ENISA Report: Raising Awareness of Cybersecurity