Blueprint and Roadmap for Iraq Electronic Public Distribution System

06/2020 - 12/2021
311 123 €
Project manager

The goal of the project “Management consultancy to create blueprint and roadmap for Iraq digital or electronic Public Distribution System (ePDS)” was to support the Ministry of Trade of Iraq to implement electronic public distribution system in Iraq. The distribution system is a key component of the national Poverty Reduction Strategy that aims to provide effective social protection.

The project was divided into five tasks with a final goal to build a business case to ensure that the ePDS will improve the Public Service Quality. Capacity building and transfer of skills was an integral component of the project to ensure that key personnel of MoT could take part in the transformation process and consequently develop the skills to sustain the ePDS.

The work was divided into following tasks:

  • Situation overview and analysis
  • Development of electronic public distribution system (ePDS) strategy
  • Assistance for re-engineering business process
  • Development of the ePDS operations and service model, and guidelines
  • Development of the final ePDS business requirements, functional and technical specifications with final bidding documents
  • Creation of the scope of work for request for proposal
  • Development of the business case that includes costed plan for ePDS development and countrywide rollout or implementation.