Digital empowerment of the Ukrainian refugees in Estonia 

236,123 USD
Project manager
Funded by
US Department of State, Federal Assistance Reward: US Embassy in Tallinn 

This project aspires to enable Ukrainians living in Estonia to learn about and use Estonian and Ukrainian digital solutions, satisfy their practical needs and enhance community support. We intend to recruit around 60 young digital-savvy Ukrainians in Estonia as digital envoys. They will assist over 1,000 digitally vulnerable Ukrainians in using both Estonian and Ukrainian digital e-services and solutions with the potential to raise awareness among 10,000 Ukrainians.  

The vision is for vulnerable Ukrainian citizens to have an improved quality of life by being skilled in using Estonian and Ukrainian e-services and digital solutions.

The project has three main objectives: 

  • Ukrainian students and digitally vulnerable refugees build a stronger and more supportive community. 
  • The Ukrainian digital envoys feel a sense of achievement by addressing their digital literacy needs and helping others. 
  • A significant number of Ukrainian citizens living in Estonia are aware of the digital transformation in Estonia and Ukraine. 

The objectives will be achieved by strategic training, mentoring and awareness rising events. The core envoys will give their input to the Paide Opinion Festival and eGA’s annual e-governance conference. Public presentations help raise awareness on a broader scale about the bottlenecks Ukrainians living in Estonia are facing and how the project has affected their lives.