e-Governance in Montenegro and Albania

Albania | Montenegro
E-democracy | Governance and Engagement
Albania | Montenegro
E-democracy | Governance and Engagement
09/2008 - 12/2009
88,028 €
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The project is focused on enhancing the capacity for e-governance in the countries of the Western Balkans. The project aims at promoting the sharing of Estonia’s transition experience as its comparative advantage. It will enhance the territorial and programmatic outreach of Estonian best practices.

The strategic objective of the project is to combine the priorities of the Estonian official development assistance and UNDP’s e-governance work in the RBEC region in order to support and enhance the capacity for e-governance in the countries of the Western Balkans while promoting the visibility and coordinated delivery of Estonian development assistance.

The activities included organising training seminars and study tours on Estonian e-governance for public officials from Albania and Montenegro. In addition, an handbook “ICT Toolkit” was developed for Albania.

Output 1: Capacity for e-governance of central and local governments of the target countries enhanced
The output was achieved through tailor-made training and study-tour programs aimed at the representatives of the interested governments.

Output 2: Outreach and coordination of Estonian ODA in the target countries increased
The output was achieved by targeted export of Estonian e-governance experience to the countries that are showing pressing demand for such an expertise. Field visits were carried out by Estonian experts in order to fine-tune the final design of the trainings and to assess further needs in the partner countries as well as potential for effective cooperation. A handbook “ICT Toolkit” was produced to enhance the outreach and development impact of the e-governance programme.