e-Government Accelerator Program concept development

The project addressed the gap between the theoretical standpoint and practical implementation issues: how to translate the agreed values and principles to the implementation process and technology solutions?

To address the problem, the e-Government Master Class and Accelerator Program was developed, providing capacity building assistance to the participating governments. e-Government Master Class and Accelerator Program are applications and commitment based rapid and lean development programs for a cohort of likeminded and -goaled governments. It will double the speed, triple the impact and secure the sustainability of the transition process.

Watch the discussion on Digital e-Government Accelerator and challenges it helps to face!

The five-month activities included:

1. Development of the Digital Transformation Master Class Concept
2. Initial concept development of the Digital Transformation Accelerator for Governments
3. Introduction of the findings in the mayor events
4. Workshop in Rwanda


Smart governance


02/2019 - 07/2019


133 000 €

Project Manager

Tiina Viiderfeld


Future State