eGovernance Capacity Building in Ukraine

Governance and Engagement
Governance and Engagement
01/09/2015 - 12/2016
273 000 EUR
Project manager

The main task of the project was to develop capacity of the eGovernance in Ukraine, focusing on capacity building support of the State Agency of the e-Government. eGA advised the Ukrainian State Agency of e-Government in the selection of the interoperability solution and creation of e-solutions. Moreover, the agency was supported on strategic communication and intergovernmental collaboration.


Component 1: Strategic Communications and Public Awareness

1.Capacity building and expertise for development of a Strategic Communication
This activity will include workshops and trainings for the State Agency team members and coaching for the Communication Manager and his/her team, as well as team members and leaders from other eGovernance stakeholders. As result of the cooperation with international and national experts the Communication Manager with the team will develop Communication Strategy and Tactical Action Plan, evaluated by the international experts.

2.Development of an education and awareness campaign using multiple communication channels, including print, broadcast, and online.

Component 2: Intragovernmental Collaboration Capacity

1.Capacity and team building to the Intragovernmental eGov working group
This activity will include support to the regular meetings, topical policy and technical workshops, and implementation guidance. It will also provide project management trainings for CIOs of the government institutions. Also international experts and top officials officials of eGov of other countries will share their experience with Ukrainian colleagues in the events.

2.Cooperation tools development for the State Agency and the Intragovernmental eGov working group

Component 3: Development of eServices
This activity will result in the development of 1-2 eServices or/and their supporting horizontal solutions that are relevant and impactful for Ukrainian citizens.

1.Selection of the eServices.

2.Implementation of the selected eServices.
Depending on the specific eServices or/and their supporting horizontal solutions identified, the primary stakeholders will be governmental institutions at the national or local level, and as needed including capable private sector partners identified through a transparent selection process.