Knowledge transfer to establish training centre in Mauritius

Indian Ocean Commicion and Mauritius have shown deep interest in establishing e-government training centre (regional e-Governance Academy) for better e-governance development in the region. The aim on that advisory project was to improve local knowhow for development of the regional e-Governance competence center for Indian Ocean countries, based in Mauritius.


The following meetings were organized and workshops delivered:

Meetings with the key stakeholders (16 January 2017) in order to finalize the national and regional workshop programme.

The national workshop (17 January 2017) to discuss with approximately 45 government key stakeholders on organizational model, set-up, core activities of the Regional e-Governance Academy.

In the regional workshop (18 -19 January 2017) delegates from the other member countries of the Indian Ocean, like Comoros, Madagascar and Seychelles were participating, to commonly discuss the establishment and framework of the Regional e-Governance Academy.


Comoros, Madacascar, Mauritius, Seychelles,


Smart Governance




23 000 €

Project Manager

Arvo Ott, PhD


Indian Ocean Commission