Increasing Digital Capacity of Zhytomyr Administrative Service Centres in Public Services Delivery

150 000 €
Project manager

The project aims to contribute towards the availability and quality of Ukrainian public services offered to the residents of Ukraine, especially of the residents of Zhytomyr oblast.

The project will provide capacity-building support for ASCs on digital public services provision, including digital skills training and piloting a video consultation service. The activities will focus on selected Zhytomyr oblast’s hromadas/cities. However, the project results are scalable to support other Ukrainian oblasts in increasing their capacity to offer digital public services. 


The project consists of four phases:

1. Assessment of digital maturity and development of recommendations to provide digital public services, incl. analysis of the situation and mapping of needs and development of a digital strategy plan.

2. Conducting digital skills training for selected 5-10 ASCs, whose representatives will be trained in Ukraine and during a study visit to Estonia.

3. Conducting video consultation service pilot for selected 2-3 ASCs, to offer Ukrainian citizens both in and outside Ukraine an additional opportunity to obtain information about the public services offered by ASCs.

4. Sharing the lessons learned and best practices with other ASCs in Ukraine.