Digital Transformation Roadmap and Implementation Plan for Cuba

Smart Governance
Smart Governance
11/2021 - 06/2022
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Project manager

The project aims to develop a digital transformation roadmap and implementation plan for the public sector in Cuba.

Implementation of the information society for the country requires a top-down approach and assurance that its planning and development process is sustainable, thus a political guarantee is needed to start with those activities.

Cuba has made already preliminary steps. In 2017, the Council of Ministers of Cuba approved The Comprehensive Policy for the Improvement of the Information of Society in Cuba, stating the need to implement e-government. A year later, The Government of Cuba has adopted the Comprehensive Policy for the Improvement of the Computerization of the Society that states the importance of digitization in playing a significant role in the political, economic and social development of the country.

Additionally, the National Economic and Social Development Plan focuses on telecommunication infrastructure development, information technologies and connectivity as strategic goals 2030. 

Due to contribute to the digital transformation of Cuba the following activities planned:

  1. Expert mission to Cuba and current situation analyses
  2. International study visit to Estonia for government officials
  3. The roadmap and implementation plan development
  4. Expert mission to Cuba introducing project results at an e-government conference