Tonga Civil Registration and National ID

Governance and Engagement | Technology
Governance and Engagement | Technology
11/2020 - 06/2024
168544 €
Project manager
Marit Lani
Funded by
World Bank

A modern e-society is based on identities validated and verified by the government. The objective of the project “Tonga civil registration and national ID ” is to modernise the identity management in the Kingdom of Tonga by implementing the first aspects of e-governance and digital transformation.

eGA will consult the government of the Kingdom of Tonga on how to upgrade and link the existing civil registration system and the national ID system.

Within the project eGA will develop technical and functional designs and requirements for the upgrade of the civil registration system, upgrade of national ID system, and development of their linkage, to be used in procurement documentation. Moreover, eGA experts will assist the evaluation of bids and provide technical assistance in supervising the implementation of the activities.

The project is a part of implementing an e-Government Support Project in Tonga supported by the World Bank with multiple components for developing supporting ICT infrastructure, information systems, citizen e-services, and other frameworks needed to meet the goals of the Tonga Digital Government Strategy.