e-Estonia. La e-governanza en la práctica

E-democracy | Governance and Engagement | Technology

The handbook presents fundamental aspects of the Estonian digital society and explains how state-level technologies, legislation, citizen and private sector systems support electronic governance. The publication was composed by the e-Governance Academy experts in cooperation with Estonian experts and practitioners of cybersecurity and digital identity.

“e-Estonia. La e-governanza en la práctica” is a great contribution to the digital agenda in the Inter American region. This publication has a great value for all who are leading digital transformation projects or are supporting them because it shares the experience of Estonia, the recognised digital society,” said said Miguel Porrua, Coordinator of the Data and Digital Government Cluster of the Inter American Development Bank (IDB).

The book was published with support of the Inter-American Development Bank.(IDB)

Explore more about the book and e-Estonia digital transformation journey from the launching event organised by the IDB.