Montenegro Elections Cybersecurity Report

Cybersecurity | Governance and Engagement
Cybersecurity | Governance and Engagement
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European Union

This report is compiled within the project “Cybersecurity Rapid Response for Albania, Montenegro, and North Macedonia” (NDICI CRISIS FPI/2022/435-117), funded by the European Union and conducted by the e-Governance Academy. One of the project’s main aims is strengthening governance structures and improving cybersecurity incident and risk management in Montenegro.

Montenegro has suffered numerous cyber incursions aimed at public sector institutions. Therefore, examining election management information technology readiness and cybersecurity resilience is of the utmost importance. This assessment offers an overview of the election management ICT infrastructure in Montenegro and proposes recommendations for risk mitigation. The e-Governance Academy would like to extend its appreciation for the valuable input and positive cooperation with representatives from the Montenegrin public sector, private sector, civil society, and academia during the drafting of the report.

The recommendations were presented to key stakeholders in the Montenegrin ICT community and discussed at an election cybersecurity workshop on June 13, 2023, in Podgorica.