Developing digital democracy frameworks

Digital democracy involves using communication technologies to enhance and facilitate democratic processes and institutions. It seeks to harness technology to provide governments with innovative ways to better serve their citizens, empowering civil society and activism, increasing participation, and boosting transparency and accountability. For citizens, it offers a new channel to actively engage in decision-making processes.

eGA’s expertise in digital democracy and election technology policy and framework development can guide your country in reinforcing democratic principles, creating a more engaging and efficient governance system.

What we provide

eGA’s assistance in enhancing digital democracy and developing election technology policy and frameworks includes the following:

  • Assessing the current digital maturity level of the government
  • Facilitating the drafting process for policies and frameworks
  • Supporting the creation of a vision and roadmap for successful implementation
  • Analysing potential technology solutions and process enhancements
  • Determining the need for capacity building and training
  • Facilitating the change management process