Conducting study visits and e-courses

To grasp the concept of digital transformation that best fits to your country, it is essential to first understand its digitalisation needs. The most effective method is through interactive and collaborative communication, facilitated by training sessions, meetings, seminars and conferences.

Leveraging two decades of expertise, eGA’s seasoned experts have conducted over 360 training sessions and seminars, engaging with more than 10,000 high-ranking officials and decision-makers. Our custom-designed training and seminars serve as optimal platforms for cultivating a deeper comprehension of digital governance. These sessions bring decision-makers together to deliberate on concepts, needs and future steps, equipping them to adeptly guide their countries on their digital journeys.

What we provide

eGA’s support for exchanging experiences in digital transformation includes the following:

  • Conducting preliminary communication and assessment to understand the current situation
  • Guiding participants in comprehending the anticipated outcomes of the training or seminar, which can range from concise sessions to comprehensive week-long training programmes, offering a wealth of actionable insights applicable within their organisations
  • Once your digitalisation roadmap is outlined, eGA stands ready to collaborate as your partner in implementing the planned activities

Our projects

The majority of the 360 training sessions and seminars delivered over the past two decades have been five-day courses in Estonia, focused two-country programmes, or week-long missions featuring interactive meetings and seminars held within the beneficiary country.
Additionally, our annual e-governance conference in Estonia hosts hundreds of high-ranking officials each year, and we offer content guidance for other conferences.